About the festival

Zadar Organ Festival is a unique project, the first organ festival in Zadar region and the only festival of this type in Croatia and its surroundings.

Its first edition will include a total of six concerts - from August 12th until September 16th - featuring renowned international and Croatian artists. Concerts will be held at four locations - the churches of St. Anastasia and St. Michael, the Puppet Theater of Zadar and the Atrium of the Cedulin Palace. As an addition to the program, the artistic organization „Zara“ will be organizing an event where children and youth will present their work developed through interdisciplinary workshops (music, dance and fine arts).

Along with the regular program of organ recitals in combination with other instruments and singers, the ZOF program will include interdisciplinary performances focused on promotion of the City of Zadar and contemporary tendencies in art, reviewing the traditional frameworks in the approach and experience of the organ and art in general, as well as the destruction of numerous organ-related stereotypes, thus expanding the perception of the expressive possibilities of the instrument, and encouraging free and creative expression. In its layered structure, it will integrate the city's history and its breathing through the centuries, take advantage of the already existing element of the Sea Organ, and raise the value of insufficiently well-known and unfairly neglected Zadar instruments.

In its concept, these projects will include innovative research and educational approach, both to the organ and its repertoire as well as to the possibility of networking with other artistic expressions. Besides the high-quality artistic program, the attractiveness of the festival will also contribute to the technical support that will enrich all the performances in the church spaces with the visual component. Every concert will be transmitted through the video screen, which will allow the audience visual experience of the organist playing the organ. With such a comprehensive and wide-ranging approach, the first edition of the festival aspires to find its place among major world festivals, and, at the same time, assist in raising the artistic reputation of the ancient city of Zadar.